Jared L. Roberts, Attorney at Law
Jared L. Roberts, Attorney at Law
Hopefully this will be on special at Lowe's sometime.
Senate Calls Widow Of Slain Officer To Oppose Nomination of Former Defense Counsel In Confirmation Hearing When I read this, I cannot help but wonder what I am missing. Surely, there is something than what is indicated in the linked blog write up. My first thought was John Adams defending the British troops in the Boston Massacre. Adams was against British occupation, but he believed in the right to a fair trial. This was not exactly the most popular decision. Luckily for Adams, his upholding the principles on which the Constitution would be based did not cause him to lose the Presidential election when he later ran for the office.
British Reformers Propose Ban On Pointy Kitchen Knives Really? (I don't think there is any need for more discussion on my thoughts about this.)

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