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Drones: The Latest in Criminal Accessories (Wed, 18 Jul 2018)
Criminals are quickly finding ways to use drones to carry out crazy, sophisticated, and often successful, crimes. Read more on FindLaw Legal Blogs.
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How Rich Do I Have to Be to Get Sent to a Country Club Prison? (Tue, 17 Jul 2018)
According to a common perception among laypeople, there are brutal prison conditions for the poor or unfortunate, and country club prisons for the rich and powerful. And revelations from Paul Manafort's "VIP" incarceration this week did little to dispel that belief.
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Heads, Arrest; Tails, Release: Georgia Cops Decide Woman's Freedom With Coin Flip (Tue, 17 Jul 2018)
If it sounds pretty heinous in print, but it looks even worse on video, recorded with the officers' own body cameras -- two Roswell, Georgia police officers deciding a woman's fate with a coin flip. And not even a real coin, either. While Sarah Webb sat in her car after a traffic stop, Officer Courtney Brown opened an app on her phone and Officer Kristee Wilson laid out the stakes: heads, Webb would be arrested, tails, she'd be released.
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